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Ficer Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a professional Fiber Optical product and solution supplier in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our comprehensive Fiber Optical product lines include :

  1. Transceiver : various Form Factor Transceiver modules with 1bps ~ 400Gbps data rate.

  2. Equipment : OTN DWDM Transmission Platform ( EDFA, Transponder, Muxponder, OLP, RAMAN, FEC, DCM ).

  3. Cable : DAC series, AOC series, Various Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cable/Patch-cord including : General Patch-cord, MPO Patch-cord, Distribution Cable, Armored Cable, Waterproof Cable, Military Tactical Cable.

  4. Passive components : CWDM, DWDM, LDWM Mux/Demux, OADM module, FBT/PLC Splitter, QAC ( Quick Assembly Connector ), Attenuator, Adaptor, Clean tool.

Ficer Technology always stays abreast with trends and has consistently rigorous requirement for quality and service. We are committed to deliver the right and rapid solutions to fulfill customer’s needs and success. So our customers could focus on their core business and take market easily. As a result, Ficer Technology is the best partner supporting customers to be the winner in the market.

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